Monday, September 2, 2019

Nonpareils in Space


Not kidding.  Every time I look at these objects, I think of nonpareils.

It makes my mouth water.

Nonpareil, a round flat chocolate candy covered with white sugar sprinkles.
Image borrowed from this Internet candy store,  This looks like a good place from which to purchase nonpareils.

So, what are these tasty space objects?

Globular Clusters.  They look like nonpareils to me.

Globular clusters are spherical collections of stars that orbit our galactic core as satellites.  Hmmm.  Our Milky Way galaxy is being orbited by orbs of chocolate candy covered with white sugar sprinkles.

Sounds about right, huh?

Globular clusters are bound very tightly by their gravity.  This gives them their spherical shapes and high stellar densities toward their centers.

These two, in the periphery of the constellation of Hercules, are binocular visible.  They look spectacular through my telescope's eyepiece.

Here are the images I captured this weekend.


M13, 48 frames with 4 second exposure each


M92, 18 frames with 4 seconds exposure each

Mouth watering nonpareils in space, to be sure. 😎



  1. Now I'll never be able to look at nonpareils without thinking of globular clusters!

    1. A parallel to this is that I drool whenever I see a globular cluster and think of nonpareils! 🤤


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