Thursday, April 11, 2019

Mars, Again!


A break in the clouds last night.

I took a vacation day from work so that I could stay out all night and revel under the sky with my telescope.

Clouds eventually came back with a vengeance, ending my astronomy session much sooner than I preferred, but not before I was able to capture some images of Mars.

This month marks the twelfth month since I registered my domain name, "," and started this simple astronomy blog.  It seems appropriate that this 52nd post on my blog (yes, 52 posts over the course of the year) features an image of Mars.

Mars, as seen from my backyard.

It's not a particularly special image of Mars, but I'm happy with it.  Mars is getting more and more difficult to image, especially compared to its glory at last year's opposition.

How does this image stack up against previous captures?

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