Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Coffee First and a Nap Later

There is a nap in my future, I'm sure.

Three cups of coffee for the morning, but that will not be sufficient to make it through the day.

Love this mug!
It was a really good astronomy session last night.  The sky transparency was merely average, but the evil clouds stayed away, and the moon had already set.  A couple of the objects that I wanted to see were mired in the light dome of the nearby city, but I was able to use SharpCap and my ZWO ASI294MC imager to tease out some details!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Not Mars, But a Conjunction

Beautiful sunset last night.

It was too windy to bring out the Dob, but I did see and capture an image of the sunset.

Featured prominently in the Northeastern sky was the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

Venus is the brighter of the two.

Venus and Jupiter at Sunset
Calmer winds are predicted for tonight and I've already staged the equipment for a night of astronomy.

How exciting!

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