Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mars Oppositions, A Comparison!

When I took another look at the video that I captured and processed to create last week's image of Mars, I realized that I still had videos that I captured from the 2016 opposition.

The difference between this opposition, with its planet encircling dust storm, and the 2016 opposition is striking. 

Here is a still frame from this opposition.

Dusty Mars, at opposition 2018
The video is on my Youtube channel at, if you are curious.

Here is a still frame from the 2016 opposition.

Dust Storm Free Mars, at opposition 2016
Wow!  Look at that.  Martian volcanoes visible from my backyard!

This video is also on my Youtube channel at

Take a look at both of these videos.  They are only 30 seconds each and have no audio.  There is no sound in space.  Space videos should be silent, too. 😎

The difference in the Mars surface details between the two is stunning.  You will also see some of the Earth atmospheric turbulence that makes backyard planetary imaging so challenging.

Next week?  Clouds willing, fresh Mars images!



  1. Fun videos! Yes, the difference is amazing between 2016 and our current dust storm Mars.

    1. When I first set up my Youtube channel, I wasn't expecting it to be so useful!


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