Friday, July 13, 2018

Mars, There is Hope

Clouds continued to roll through the sky during last night's observing session.

Mars did manage to peek through long enough for me to capture some images, though.

Giant planet encircling dust storm on Mars?  Yes.  It is still there, but there is hope.  Reports are that it may be abating.  My captures from last night seem to offer that hope.

Last night's Mars image capture:

Dusty Mars, July 7th 0600 UTC, with features peeking through
The Virtual Planets Atlas predicts this:

Virtual Planets Atlas Mars Model

Hellas Planitia is clearly visible.

Next week?  More Dusty Mars.  Hopefully, less dusty, but another Mars image, nonetheless.


  1. Yes, let's hope that the storm is abating!

    1. I'm hoping that its not wishful thinking. Marvin the Martian will have a big mess to clean up afterwards, though.


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