Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Best Camera

The best camera is the camera that you have with you when you need to take a photo.

In my case, this morning, my camera was my phone, a Google Pixel 3XL.

Most mornings of this week, I've been strolling up the road a couple of hundred feet to see around the monster magnolia trees in the neighbor's yard.  These trees obscure the northeastern part of the horizon where comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) has made an apparition.

Through binoculars, the comet is gorgeous.  Without binoculars, it is a naked eye comet, but tough to see.  Until this morning, that is.  This morning, the comet hung low in the sky and was very obvious without needing to find it with binoculars first.

So, after reveling in the appearance of NEOWISE and basking in its brightness, I pulled the phone out of my pocket and tried my hand at impromptu astrophotography. 

Yes, there a billion better photos of the comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), but this one is mine.😎

The image is cropped, a bit, to remove the neighbor's house and some of the dark, featureless ground, but is otherwise unedited.  The comet is in the lower left of the image.

Not bad for an image made with a phone, eh?

Here is the photo with the stars and comet annotated. I added an inset with a 4x magnified view.

This weekend, NEOWISE will become visible in the early evening northwestern sky.  Each evening, it'll be higher in the sky.  Soon, it'll be high enough that I'll be able to image it with the Cat.  Looking forward to that.

If only it keeps its brightness for a couple of weeks... Comets are fickle.  And, shoo clouds!


  1. It's pretty cool that you captured the image with a cell phone camera, says how big it is in the sky!

  2. Very cool! Your phone has a nice camera. I wonder how my iphone would have done.


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